Absorbing! Doc emerges as a quintessential
counterculture figure, embodying both the exuberance and the excesses of the times.

– Tom Beer, Time Out NY

About the Filmmaker 
Doc's daughter and Oscar-nominated filmmaker

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 Expert blending of period documentary footage...Deliciously ironic!

         – Bruce Bennett, The New York Sun

  An extraordinary true story!

– Elizabeth Bachner, Film-Forward


Scientist, novelist, activist, inventor, filmmaker, architect, prophet, healer, and madman Harold L. 'Doc' Humes was, by all accounts, an exhilarating, infuriating and terrifyingly brilliant man. His Oscar-nominated documentarian daughter Immy Humes has gathered testimonials from luminaries including Norman Mailer, William Styron and Timothy Leary... Fascinating, wryly distanced documentary. Casual footage from the era captures the excitement of liberation and the headiness of artistic ferment...Immy imaginatively segues from unexpected angles, mapping out the complex historical, cultural and personal synapses that link the man to his times...

             – Ronnie Scheib, Variety